About me and my photos
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About Me
As a public accountant working in the airline industry, I try to reserve time, particularly for traveling and photography, which are my passions. I have always lived in Buenos Aires, though think it would be interesting living abroad as well. Time will say.

About Aviation Photography
Aviation photography is exciting when your pictures turn out, but disappointing when the colors and photos are not close to what you actually saw. To be a good aviation photographer, you sometimes have to spend hours at the airports waiting for good shots, be careful about sunlight, make sure you always have your camera ready, and keep extra film, especially 400. And make yourself with patience!

I would like to thank Sergio, a good friend of mine, for his assitance in scanning my photos.

About My Trips
Here's a log of some of my international trips to date. You will find some pictures of these places in my Photo pages.

England & Spain - March 1996
Italy - January 1997
Switzerland - April 1997
Netherlands, Belgium & France - June/July 1997
Canada - October 1997
Florida & Netherland Antilles - March 1998
Australia - February 1999
England - February 2000
Florida - June 2000
Brazil - March 2001

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